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Unique events and bespoke experiences in gin discovery

Open your senses to personal experiences in gin discovery and the new world of craft gins. Learn about the impact of different garnishes, glassware and mixers to enhance your enjoyment of gin. Your relationship with gin will never be the same…

Discover a new side to life’s tonic…

Still & Heart – Catherine Rigby and Claire Oxley. Introduced by a mutual friend, we soon discovered our shared passion for gin – its intriguing history, how it is distilled to produce the ‘heart’ of the gin that we enjoy, its provenance, the range of botanicals, the abundance of ‘serves’ and garnishes, the gin renaissance and emerging craft gin movement. Both with a background in education, our thirst for gin knowledge has led us here, to Still & Heart – small, unique, bespoke gin tasting events in your venue.

Bespoke gin experiences and events

You provide the venue and the people, we’ll bring some quirky knowledge, glassware, garnishes, fun and the gin (of course!).

We offer packages but we can also tailor the evening to a particular occasion or theme. We guide you through a two-hour session in gin discovery then politely withdraw so you can continue your evening with an enhanced knowledge and more meaningful relationship with gin.


A shared experience to discuss, learn and share in your enjoyment of each other with good food and gin.


A physical place to taste different gins, tonics and garnishes.


Try new things and be part of the conversation to shape new gin appreciation.

New Ideas

A portal to access information and ideas about the world of gin and gin related objects.

Join the conversation and let’s continue the story together

If you’d like to find out more about our gin events or simply share your experiences and favourite flavours. Please get in touch today…

Our latest news

We write about it, read about it, taste it, collect and covet it, talk about it, seek out venues that serve it, attend gin events and, most importantly, we share it.

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