Gin in film – which is your favourite?

On March 2nd 1933 King Kong was released in the US.  This led me to choose the first of today’s gin line up – Gorilla gin.  From here I looked for other gin related film references and settled upon Ophir for the welcome drink (the Elephant adorning their bottles representing the hotly anticipated remake of [...]

No Nonsense Yorkshire Gins

AS proud no-nonsense Yorkshire women we always feature at least one Yorkshire gin at our events and the fine quality of our region’s gins make it an easy job to do. Yorkshire Day is approaching on Wednesday 1st August so fill your vases and homes with the scent of white roses and invite guests for […]

Royal Gins to Bet On

IT all started with the royal baby, then Harry and Meghan’s Windsor wedding and a flutter on the horses at Ascot. We are getting all royal and sophisticated these days so looked to gin to guide us back to common ground, once again. Guests were welcomed with our Royal-Tea concoction – an infusion of Earl […]

Style Icons of Gin on the Old Tom Catwalk

GIN is just gin, right? It smells and tastes of juniper and you have it in a tall glass with tonic and a slice of lemon, right? Think again. We are the Starbucks coffee-culture generation with our decaf chocca mocha skinny tall sprinkly syrup concoctions so it figures that the uncomplicated, trusty London Dry G&T […]

The Archer, Mermaid and Goddess of Gin

JUNIPER, ancient mythology and folklore are no strangers. It was a symbol of a Syrian fertility goddess and popped up in the Bible when a juniper bush was used to hide baby Jesus and his parents from King Herod’s soldiers as they journeyed to Egypt. On a less romantic note, mediaeval herbalists administered it to […]

G & Tea with Rosie Lee

TIME for tea this week. National Tea Day and every Yorkshire person’s close proximity to a teapot have led us to the discovery of gins with tea botanicals. We welcomed guests with our own signature blend – the Rosie Lee – 30ml Tanqueray Export, 20ml cold jasmine and rose tea, 20ml Belvoir rose and elderflower […]

The Legend of Young Tom, St David and Free Love

Signs of spring and emerging daffodils were silenced by snow fall and a beast from the east this week. We looked to the patron saint of Wales and the legend of St David to spur us on and battle the elements despite his monastic rule that monks had to drink only water – a fact […]

World Book Day with Dorothy Parker

Plotting is underway to craft novel World Book Day costumes from general household detritus as the annual one-upmanship contest begins in the name of literature. Intrigue, suspense, conflict and happily ever afters lead us to seek solace and inspiration from gins with a literary connection. Here are some ideas for a World Book Day gin […]

January Blues

Comic Dylan Moran claimed gin is ‘less of a drink and more of a mascara thinner.’ AKA ‘Mother’s Ruin’, gin is no stranger to a bad press, but it would appear that this is more to do with excessive consumption of the broader category of ‘alcohol’ rather than gin specifically. As we leave January or […]

Remember them

ON the eleventh day of the eleventh month at the eleventh hour, we will remember them. Our gin tastings this week will explore some of the intriguing gins connected with stories of remembrance, the colour red and rosemary. 1. Poppies, Belgium, 40% ABV The recipe for Rubbens Poppies Gin is said to date back to […]