G & Tea with Rosie Lee

TIME for tea this week. National Tea Day and every Yorkshire person’s close proximity to a teapot have led us to the discovery of gins with tea botanicals.

We welcomed guests with our own signature blend – the Rosie Lee – 30ml Tanqueray Export, 20ml cold jasmine and rose tea, 20ml Belvoir rose and elderflower cordial. Shaken and poured over ice; topped up with tonic or soda water; garnished with a slither of fresh root ginger and fresh mint. Wonderfully aromatic and refreshing on the warm April day.

We then tasted three intriguing gins.

1. Jin Dea Single Estate Tea Gin, London Dry, 40% ABV

Produced in a traditional alembic copper pot still this gin features the ‘Champagne of Teas’ – Darjeeling from the Goomtee Estate in India. The tea is subtle with flavours of juniper, lemon, grapefruit, coriander, ginger, fennel, cardamom, cinnamon and angelica.

Serve with lemon zest, raspberries and premium light tonic.

2. Masons Tea Edition Yorkshire Gin, Bedale, North Yorkshire, 42% ABV

An abundance of authentic and balanced tea notes, set against the powerful and spicy botanical base of the original Yorkshire gin. It is hand distilled in a small copper still named Steve. Smooth and warming, the herbal notes, citrus and gentle spice are complemented by the robust Yorkshire Tea flavour. Great for experimental cocktails or serve with tonic and lemon peel.

We served it with Double Dutch Spice & Oakwood tonic and orange peel.

3. T.E.A. Jasmine Gin, Cambridge, 42% ABV

Described as “tea enriched alcohol”, it is a small batch gin distilled in bespoke copper pots and handcrafted in 120 bottles at a time using sugar beets from surrounding farms which give it natural sweetness and smooth taste. The unique aroma stands out from the crowd as the natural scent of jasmine flowers hits the nose.

Botanicals: Jasmine Silver Tip Tea, Seville orange zest, English rose petals, juniper, coriander and bay leaf.

Serve with premium Mediteranean tonic, mint and lime zest.