Gin in film – which is your favourite?

On March 2nd 1933 King Kong was released in the US.  This led me to choose the first of today’s gin line up – Gorilla gin.  From here I looked for other gin related film references and settled upon Ophir for the welcome drink (the Elephant adorning their bottles representing the hotly anticipated remake of Dumbo), Whittakers Clearly Sloe (the beautiful etched Hare representing Watership Down, Hop, Roger Rabbit…the list goes on) and finally Boxer Gin (representing the Rocky franchise, which won best picture in 1977).  Olivia Coleman recently won an Oscar for her role as Queen Anne in The Favourite.  Prior to the rein of Queen Anne, William of Orange sat on our throne. Married to Mary – Anne’s sister – he is credited with bringing the Dutch national drink, Jenever, to our shores.  For both political and tax reasons the London masses were encouraged to favour Gin (the British cousin of Jenever) over the previously popular French brandy. By 1734 over 5 million gallons of gin were being drunk each year – this equates to a pint a week for every man, woman and child in London!  Gin was definitely a ‘favourite’ of Queen Anne.  She was nicknamed ‘dramshop’ for her regular gin drinking!

Welcome drink  –  Ophir gin (35ml) with pomegranate and elderflower cordial (15ml), ice, pomegranate seeds to garnish then topped up with soda water.

Boxer gin (40% ABV) served with Fevertree light tonic and a pear slice.
Boxer, in its iconic tall blue bottle was designed to use the best ingredients and most advanced techniques to produce an intensely flavoured gin with a classic profile.  Botanicals include a rare form of juniper – black juniper from the high Himalayas, fresh cut peel of organic, Italian Bergamot as well as a more common form of juniper, warm aromatic spices, floral roots and aromatic peels. Named after Thomas King, the notable 19th century boxer nicknamed “the Fighting Sailor”, who famously enjoyed a tot of gin as part of his pre-fight ritual.

Whittakers Clearly Sloe (42% ABV) served with Double Dutch cranberry and ginger tonic and a garnish of raspberries.  Made by Toby and Jane Whittaker in Dacre Banks, Yorkshire.  This starts life as a smooth and classic London dry with signature botanicals of sweet hawthorn berries, bilberries, peaty, earthy bog myrtle and garden thyme with a hint of lemon citrus.  This original version of their gin is infused with local sloes for no less than six months then laced with liquorice for 24 hours before distillation.  The gin retains its herbaceous overtones but takes on the bitter fruitiness of the sloes and the intense sweetness of the liquorice.

Gorilla Gin Mountain strength (46% ABV) served with Lamb and Watt Hibiscus tonic and fresh coriander. Made in Hampshire in small batches of 100 bottles this gin has a mere 7 botanicals including calamus root (known for its bitter taste and aromatic qualities), orange, coriander, acacia blossom (giving floral notes) and lemon grass (providing citrus and heat).  This botanical mix gives a sweet, citrusy gin with a spicy finish.

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